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Year 13 ICT National Success

Christopher Morgan (Year 13) is one of only 10 UK Youth Ambassadors to attend Childnet’s Youth Advisory Board, which takes place in London from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2019.

Christopher is the only ambassador from Northern Ireland having been shortlisted initially from an online application before going on to successfully complete a Skype interview to claim his highly coveted place.

Christopher and his fellow Youth Ambassadors will take part in ‘Project deSHAME’ which provides all ambassadors with the opportunity to share their views on important issues, including cyberbullying,

peer pressure, online relationships and sexual harassment online. Youth Ambassadors will subsequently be directly involved in planning, developing and launching a national campaign to suggest solutions for parents and teachers.

We wish Christopher good luck with this fantastic opportunity!

Mr G Duffy, C. Morgan & Mrs E Mc Stocker (L-R)

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