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Learning Support

Our Focus on Individual Needs

We provide guidance and support to pupils in order to overcome the barriers to learning.

We liaise closely with parents, staff from the pupil's previous school and outside professional agencies, in order to enable us to acquire the relevant information. This helps build an accurate picture of our pupils and enables us to support pupils in the most appropriate way.

All our incoming Year 8 pupils sit CATS which enables us to identify the pupil's strengths and difficulties. Pupils who are recognised as having literacy or numeracy difficulties are not set apart from the mainstream of everyday college life but:

  • begin work within the level suited to their ability;

  • follow the curriculum at a level differentiated to ensure their learning;

  • are offered extra in class support through a team of Learning Support Assistants;

  • where appropriate, pupils are set individual targets through our individual learning or behavioural plans. This is monitored and reviewed in partnership with parents, staff and the pupils;

  • work in a happy, nurturing and secure environment which promotes effective learning;

  • talents and achievements of pupils are identified and recognised.

All pupils identified as having academic, physical and emotional needs, receive support from relevant external agencies. A close liaison is maintained between parents, staff and external agencies.

The SENCO, in communication with the Head of Year 8, Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator and Pastoral Vice Principal, oversees and monitors such pupils. We also ensure that all staff are provided with continued professional development to ensure that the needs of all pupils are best met.

SENCO Staff Members

Mrs J Corr

Head of Learning Support

Mr J Heaney

Assistant SENCO

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