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Admissions Criteria

College Open-Day for pupils & parents will launch on

Saturday 14th January 2023 at 9.30am

(Visits to the school can be arranged by appointment).

The College Yr 8 Prospectus may be viewed on our website.

Copies will be distributed to all feeder Primary Schools in January 2023 and will be available upon request from the school office.

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School Year 2023/24

Respective functions of Board of Governors and Principal

The Board of Governors determine the Admissions Criteria which are applied by the Principal assisted (where necessary) by an Admissions Committee.



In the event of the College being oversubscribed the following criteria will be applied in the order below until all places are filled.


  1. Applicants who, at the date of their application, have brothers/sisters, half-brothers/half-sisters currently enrolled in the College or who are children of a permanent member of staff.

  2. Applicants who are registered parishioners of Magherafelt & Castledawson Parish* and/or attend the following primary schools: Holy Family Primary School, Magherafelt; Spires Integrated Primary School, Magherafelt; New Row Primary School, Castledawson; Anahorish Primary School, Newbridge; St Trea’s Primary School, Ballymaguigan; St Patrick’s Primary School Loup; St Patrick’s Primary School, Moneymore; Ballylifford Primary School, Ballinderry; Derrychrin Primary School, Ballinderry; Lissan Primary School, Lissan, St Mary’s, Bellaghy, Gaelscoil an tSeanchai.

  3. Applicants attending the following primary schools: St Peter’s Primary School, Moortown; St Patrick’s Primary School, Mullinahoe; Knocknagin Primary School, Desertmartin; St Columb’s Primary School, Cullion; St John Bosco Primary School, Ballynease; St Brigid’s Primary School, Mayogall; St Malachy’s Primary School Drummullan.

  4. In the event of the college being oversubscribed, under any of the above, applicants will be admitted in rank order by the initial letter of their surname (as entered on their Birth Certificate) and in the event of a tie by the subsequent letters of their surname in the order set out below:

V  B  F  P  R  M  X  Y  H  L  N  Q  J  K  C  S  U  I  E  O  W  T  D  A  Z  G

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that all information in relation to the above criteria is provided on the Transfer Form.


The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information provided. The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information requested within the deadline set by the College can result in the withdrawal of a place or the inability to offer a place.


Applicants resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission to the college will be admitted before any applicant not so resident will be considered.


Year 8 Admissions after the beginning of the School Year – 2023/24

Parents/Guardians who wish to have their child considered for admission in the event of a place arising after 1st September 2022 should write to the Principal clearly stating this in a letter. Written acknowledgement will be issued. The above criteria will be applied to these applicants only in the event of such a vacancy arising. Separate admissions criteria are applied for admissions beyond Year 8 (Years 9-12) and Sixth Form (Years 13 and 14).

Year 8 Applications and Admissions

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 13.50.59.png

This table does not include children who were admitted to the school with a statement of special educational needs. Where Total Admissions exceeds Admissions No. a Temporary Variation was granted by the Department of Education.

*Parishioners can register at the Parish Centre 24–26 King Street, Magherafelt, BT45 6AR Phone: 028 7963 1726


Admissions criteria to Year 9 onwards will be available from the school and, where necessary, a waiting list will be held.

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