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Annual Primary Environmental Science Workshop in Saint Pius X College

On the 12th and 16th June, St. Pius X College hosted another highly successful annual Environmental Science Workshop for Primary 6 pupils from Derrychrin, Ballylifford, St. Trea’s Ballymaguigan and Spires Integrated. The workshop was organised and delivered by Miss Pat Hanson [Head of Science], Mrs Mary Angela Diamond [Head of Geography], Mrs Claire Mc Elroy [Science], Mrs Eileen Mc Stocker [Head of ICT], Mr Ciaran Quinn [Literacy Co-ordinator] and Mr Sean Doyle [Head of Mathematics]. The pupils were accompanied by their respective principals, class teachers and classroom assistants.

The workshops allowed the pupils to visit the college’s diverse conservation area to identify animals from a pond dip before engaging in follow-up activities using ICT, Numeracy and Communication. The pupils created an informative brochure relating to biodiversity, their favourite pond animal and a bar graph displaying the results of their pond dip.

Sponsorship from Genesis Bakery and J C Stewarts Food Market resulted in certificates and environmental science medals being presented to all deserving pupils.

Primary 6 Pupils from Ballylifford

Primary 6 Pupils from Derrychrin

Primary 6 pupils from Spires Integrated

Primary 6 pupils from St. Trea's Ballymaguigan

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