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Mrs C McGirr (HOD)

Peripatetic Staff

Mrs S McConnell (strings)

Ms E Campbell (voice)

Mr S Smith (Temp)

KS3 Brief Overview

Year 8

In Year 8, pupils will build upon their musical experiences from Primary school and develop self- confidence through a wide range of individual and group music- making.

They will have an opportunity to use a range of percussion and electronic instruments including those which they learn outside the classroom, during their music- making activities.

Pupils will listen to music from different traditions, cultures and style and develop the skill of analysing and appraising what they hear. Topics covered in Year 8 include Performance and Theory, The Elements of Music, The Instruments of the Orchestra, Band Carousel and Rhythm and Pulse.

Year 9

In Year 9 pupils will build upon their experiences from Year 8 and will continue to develop their composing, performing and listening skills. They will have opportunities to express through the music they compose and perform, their ideas and feelings about themselves and the world. Pupils will continue to develop and refine performing skills on keyboard and use technology to record performing and composing tasks. Topics covered include Music for Special Occasions, Programme Music, Film Music and Band Carousel.

Year 10

In Year 10, pupils further develop composing, performing and listening skills through their music making.  They will develop an understanding of the Music Industry and career related jobs. Topics include The 12 Bar Blues, Popular Song, Reggae Music and Recycled Rhythms.

A Level
Student Support Materials

The Music Industry is not just confined to musicians and singers but is rather a vast industry offering an array of careers. Many Music graduates find opportunities in many different fields within the Music Industry. Here are a few examples of music related careers:

Education – Music Teacher, Voice Coach, Research Assistant

Production – Sound Engineer, Record Producer, Research Assistant

Music Technology - Acoustic Engineer, Music Software Developer

Classical – Conductor, Opera Singer, Principal Musician

Music Support – Music Publisher, Booking Agent, Music Librarian

Live Events – Roadie, Event Manager, Sound/ Lighting Technician


Year 8 Choir

Junior Choir

Traditional Group

String Ensemble Group

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