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Mrs MA Diamond (HOD)

Mrs C Bell

Mrs C Scott

Miss K Gallagher


Year 8 

In Year 8 pupils study a range of physical and human Geography topics through enquiry based learning. Term 1 begins with an induction topic entitled Northern Ireland and its’ neighbours. This topic focuses students on atlas skills, the locational Geography of the British Isles and places of interest within. There after students investigate mapskills and GIS, weather & climate – global water supply, rocks and renewable energy and finally settlement. Lots of connected learning opportunities are accessed and students complete a CCS task in Communication . Students complete fieldwork studies in data collection and interpretation of the micro-climate of the College grounds in February.

Year 9 


In Year 9 pupils build on their knowledge and geographical skills foundation from year 8. Term 1 begins with an induction topic Europe and the European Union – what is the difference? This topic focuses students on atlas skills, the locational Geography of Europe, membership of the European Union and places of interest within. There after students investigate population change and the migration debate, rivers, coasts and global warming, industry and farming and a study of Kenya. Students complete a cross-curricular task in Mathematics. All students are afforded the opportunity in May to complete an Eco-orienteering fieldwork challenging in Glenshane Forest Park. Over 2 days all students compete in teams compete for the Eco-orienteering prize shield.

Year 10


In Year 10 students embed the skills of early Key Stage 3 with an exploration of a range of global issues. They begin with an induction unit on the political and physical Geography of the world. Students then investigate the following topics - the Restless Earth to include the formation of the basalt columns at the Giant’s Causeway.  Tourism and what is Eco-tourism? Fashion & Fair Trade and lastly Ecosystems and the deforestation debate. Students complete a CCS in Using Mathematics. Students are also offered the opportunity to complete an investigative study of the formation of the Giant’s Causeway and tourism on the Causeway with an optional field trip in October to North Antrim.

Geography Department Visits Italy 2018!

A Level
Student Support Material

The analytical and research skills gained from studying geography are attractive to a range of employers

Jobs directly related to Geography


Year 8 College micro-climate investigation

Year 9 Glenshane Forest Eco-orienteering

Year 10 Giant’s Causeway & Portrush study visit

GCSE river study River Roe, Magilligan

A-level  UUC  GIS workshop  & study visit of the Curly Burn river/Portstewart beach study

Globe trotters GCSE lunchtime club- led by KS5 for KS4.

Biennial International trip – 2016 Iceland…..2018 Italy.

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