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Head of Department

Mrs Alanna Hughes 

Department Staff

Mrs A. Hughes

Mrs K. McKenna

Mrs A B Gervin

KS3 Brief Overview

Year 8

In Year 8 students complete two Units of Work; An Introduction to Performance Skills and Scripted Performance and Genre. In unit one the pupils explore the various skills of voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, through practical workshops. These are then assessed in a group Choral Speaking task. In Unit two the pupils explore a range of scripts from a range of genre, and work to develop a performance from page to stage.

Year 9

In Year 9 students continue to build on their understanding and experiences with playscripts, initiated in Year 8. In Unit One Pupils explore the work of Willie Russell and specifically Blood Brothers, developing their understanding of script conventions and characterisation. Pupils further hone their performance skills through a duologue performance from Blood Brothers. In Unit Two pupils work on a Connected Learning Unit; encompassing drama, art and media. The unit explores advertising techniques, that the pupils learn to recognise and then use to devise their own effective advertisement for performance.

Year 10

In year 10 pupils begin to prepare for their subject choices, by exploring employment in the performing Arts industry. In Unit One pupils work in a group to devise a piece of Educational Theatre, contributing to the effectiveness of the piece based on a self-assessment of their skills, for example as a performer or in a more technical role. In Unit Two pupils look beyond performance and choose an alternative role in the Performing Arts industry to research and fulfil. The pupils also explore the criteria for fulfilling the career they choose. The chosen role is fulfilled in relation to Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet.

A Level Performing Arts - CCEA
Career Opportunities

Performing arts is a growth industry in Northern Ireland. This GCE specification and our KS3 and 4 SOW give students opportunities to research and gain insights into the industry, engage with effective practice and prepare for employment, further training and/or study.

The Drama department offers a wide range of skills in both performance and production.


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