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The White Death By Molly Quinn

thewhitedeathTHE WHITE DEATH




I am currently sitting in front of my computer, scared witless. Every moment could be my last. My friend is here with me and he is the sole reason why my life is in danger. I am Amanda, and this will be the last thing that I will ever say. My friend is Mike. He is the reason why our hearts are going to be ripped out of our bodies. It may not be making any sense to you at all right now, but let me explain.

It all started earlier today when Mike burst into my house and slammed the door behind him. His eyes were wide with fear and he stood there with his back against the door. “Amanda, if you want to live, do what I say. Lock the doors and hide! Bring food, water, your laptop and a phone! NO BUTS!” I was really scared but I did what he said and we went up to the attic and have been here ever since.

Mike has been living with his Aunt Susan for the past year because his parents were in Mexico. They were doing mission work at a small hospital in southern Mexico. The previous night, a bedraggled man had stumbled through the entrance of the hospital. He was screaming, “AYUDARME MI VIDA ESTÁ EN PELIGRO!” ( Spanish for:HELP ME MY LIFE IS IN DANGER.) He appeared to be out of his mind with fear according to locals.

The nursing staff brought him over to an empty chair and let him sit down. As he caught his breath he told his story in broken English. He claimed that his sister had been killed by something he referred to as “La Muerto Blanco.” He kept saying that it was coming for him next.

Confused, they asked him who or what ‘Muerto Blanco’ was. With a look of unfathomable terror on his face, he said La Muerto Blanco was ‘The White Death’. Apparently she was the soul of a girl who died years ago, by her own hand, alone and unloved. Apparently she hated life so much that she wanted to remove all traces of herself from earth. So great was her desire to completely obliterate her memory that she returned from the dead as a vengeful spirit, hell bent on killing all those who knew of her existence.

“She girl and not girl,” the man said. “She dead, but no alive. She cold, black eyes weep blood. She walk but no move. She stalk victim like animal, go over river, valley, back to you home. You never know she there, until hear knock on door.”

The man told his hospitalised audience the most terrifying thing I have ever heard. ‘She knock once for skin, which she use to fix her flesh. She knock two time for you hair, which she eat with teeth. She knock for bone, which she turn into club. Four time for heart, which she tear from chest. Five time for teeth, which she shine and keep in box. Six time for eye which she tear out one by one and last time for your soul, which she swallow. Everybody she stalk get seven knock at door before…” He stuttered “Hell come!’’

His eyes darted around the room as he spoke feverishly.

“No matter you go, White Death hunt you until terrible knock on door. You outrun her, but she faster than man. If run from home she follow you wherever,” he whimpered. Everyone who believed the tale was shaking. They knew that The White Death was coming! Some doubters snorted and mocked the man as they resumed their roles in the hospital. Real life, apparently, was going on… And death… All was missing skin, flesh, hair, bones, teeth and a heart. Their souls were unaccounted for…

The terrified man was certain that this thing had killed his sister. He had tried to tell the police about The White Death but they would not listen, dismissing it as an old wive’s tale. He had tried to tell his priest but the priest had shut the door of the church in his face and cursed in Latin.

His head was in his hands. He continued to talk and tremble. “The White Death follow you until you tell. Then it strike, it kill you and follow person you tell.”

After finishing his tale, the man disappeared into the night without a trace. In the ensuing panic nobody noticed he had even gone.

Stupidly, Mike’s mum and dad immediately called his aunt and told her about the strange man they had encountered. They asked her if she had ever heard of The White Death. She said she hadn’t and they proceeded to tell her the story that the man had told them.

The aunt got a phone call later that night. It was the Mexican police. They told her that Mike’s parent’s had been found dead outside the hospital. They had been torn apart. Inside the hospital was the same. Patients and medical staff had been split into two identical pieces and lay perfectly still on the blood splashed floor as two halves of An empty whole. Nobody mocked now. Nobody said a word…

Aunt Susan immediately called Mike at school to break the horrifying news to him. He was immediately allowed to leave school early to go to his aunt’s house to begin making preparations for his parents’ funeral. And to grieve. As he cried over the phone, Susan told him she didn’t understand what had happened. She recounted the whole story to him, telling him about the strange man who had turned up in the hospital just hours before his parents were found dead. She told him how the man had given his parents a story about something called The White Death. Idiotic Aunt Susan!

When he hung up the phone, Mike struggled to come to terms with what had happened. It almost didn’t seem real to him. When he got home after school, he found the front door lying wide open. Inside was a trail of blood leading into the kitchen. On the kitchen floor lay his aunt’s dead body. She had been torn limb from limb in a neat symmetrical cut. Just like everybody else… she was missing seven things.

He ran out of the house and all the way across town, out of breath and crying and never looking back, until he reached my front door. I could hardly believe it. Within the space of a day, his mum, his dad and his aunt had all been murdered. It all seemed too far-fetched. Too bad to be true….

But before I could utter a word, I recoiled in horror as I heard a knocking begin on my front door. “Mike, you idiot! Why did you have to tell me?” I cried. “I…I… I thought we were friends…” he mumbled. “Shut up!” I snapped back.

We’ve been staring at the door for an hour now, neither of us wanting to open it. The 6th knock has arrived. She never gives up. She never quits. La Muerto Blanco is unstoppable. I think she wants to kill us. I think she wants us to blame each other. And I do blame Mike. It’s all his stupid fault!

And I’m sorry for you too. I’m sorry I made you read this story. I’m sorry I ever told you about The White Death. Because now that you know about her, she’ll be coming for you next. Your death will be just like ours, like all the others. Your death will be a simple symmetrical cut. Just keep your mouth shut and no one else needs to get hurt…

“Mike, where are you Mike?” The front door is ajar. “Where are you Mike,” I cry. He should never have told me about her. I bolt for the open door just as the air slices in two. Keep running I tell myself. You should keep running too. If you have any sense or body parts left...




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