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All pupils are potentially musical and can benefit from learning experiencewhich develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. By actively engaging with the core musical activities of composing, performing and listening, pupils learn more about both making and responding to music.




General Aims


           1. To develop pupils as individuals by:

·       giving pupils opportunities to express their own feelings and personal responses through composing, performing and listening activities.

·       building an appreciation of the  diverse musical tastes of others

·       encouraging pupils to be creative

2. To develop pupils as contributors to society by: 

·       exploring how music evokes mood and atmosphere and influences behaviour

·       by listening to and performing music from different periods, styles and cultures

3.  To develop pupils as contributors to the economy and environment by:

·       developing their awareness of employment opportunities in the music industry

           4.  To encourage pupils to become more independent learners      

5.  To use existing and emerging music technology resources when    

     Composing and performing

6.  To explore how the skills they learn through music – making are relevant

 to their present and future lives

7. To promote and develop the Thinking Skills and  Personal Capabilities as   

set out in the N. Ireland Curriculum

8. To develop Cross Curricular skills in Communication and ICT

9.  To  prepare pupils for external examinations: GCSE and GCE level




To  realise the musical potential of every child and to ensure that the policy  is in keeping with the requirements of the Whole School Learning and Teaching Policy and also the Northern Ireland Curriculum

Year Group

Course Title

Course Description


Teachers involved

Years 8-10

             Years 11-12

Years 13 – 14

KS 3 Music



In KS3 pupils will have opportunities to develop their musical potential through improvising, composing and performing in a range of styles using technology resources where appropriate. They will also listen to and appraise a wide range of music including their own compositions.

  A two year course which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed at KS3. Pupils are actively engaged in the three core musical activities of composing, performing and listening.

There isonecompulsory core area of study –Repeated Patterns in Music  and three optional areas of study. Students study onlytwooptional areas of study from the following:

  1. Musical Traditions in Ireland
  2. Incidental Music
  3. Vocal Music

The aim of the course is to extend the skills, knowledge and understanding the students need to take part in music making. It encourages pupils to extend their appreciation of the diverse and dynamic heritage of music, develop particular strengths and interests and provide access to music related and other careers.

The AS and A2 courses are divided into two units:

Unit 1 : Making and Appraising Music

Unit 2 : Responding to Music  


Internal Assessment

Formative feedback

Internal Assessment: Composing and Appraising( controlled assessment – 30%

Externally marked: Performing and Appraising(controlled assessment) – 35%

Externally marked: Listening and Appraising – 35%

All Units are externally marked.

AS 1

Unit 1: Performing, Composing and Appraising

Unit 2: `Pupils must undertake two examinations:

One test of aural perception that lasts approx. I hour and one written exam that lasts 90 minutes

Mrs McKenna

Mrs M McKenna

Mrs M McKenna  


Careers using Music: Sound Technician, Television / Radio Presenter, Teacher, Music Therapist, Musician . Singer, Music Critic, Careers in the Recording Industry, Stagehand/ Roadie, Software Writer, Music Retailer, Manager/ Administrator of Musical Company




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