The Biodiversity Club’s Bug Hotel is Open For Business!




The Biodiversity Club Declare Their Bug Hotel Open For Business!

The cutting of the ribbon signified the opening of the very first ‘Bug Hotel’ at St. Pius X College. With furnishings like bark, twigs, bricks and cones, the Biodiversity Club have created luxurious lodgings for a variety of mini-beasts.

Bug hotels provide a place for bugs to hibernate during the upcoming winter. Bugs might not look like particularly significant visitors to a garden, but they’re vital to keeping the ecosystem working. A bug hotel could shelter anything from hedgehogs to toads, solitary bees to bumblebees, and ladybirds to woodlice.

The Biodiversity Club encourages everyone in the St. Pius X College community to create a home for nature by retaining dead vegetation, leaf litter and log piles in your gardens. They will be used as hibernating and breeding sites, particularly by ladybirds. A tidy garden looks nice but untidy gardens are more welcoming to wildlife!  Gallery




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